The U-stand FrameTM

The U-stand FrameTM hands control of the sit to stand transfer back over to the user, fast tracking rehabilitation and reducing the risk of injuries. The U-stand FrameTM is ideal for healthcare and home environments where the aim is to achieve faster, more meaningful rehabilitation goals.


The U-stand Frame is a specially designed lightweight and easy-to-use mobility assistive device that enables users to safely transition from a sitting position on the edge of a bed, to a standing position with little or no help from clinicians or carers.

Safe & Functional

The U-stand Frame allows the timing and speed of sit to stand transfers to be controlled by the user in a “hands-off” approach for the assistant, thus minimising risk of injury to users, clinicians and carers.

Fast Track Rehabilitation

Once ‘loaded’ in place, the U-stand Frame can be used to perform multiple sit to stand transfers for the purposes of building functional capacity and independence back into patients or residents.

Product features

Lightweight & compact
Lightweight & compact

The U-stand Frame is lightweight and is easily folded for storage.

Quick release legs
Quick release legs

Quick release legs allow for easy set up.

adjustable legs
Adjustable leg height

The U-stand Frame features adjustable legs to suit a wide range of bed heights.